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JCHC Membership & Meeting Information

JCHC is an all volunteer organization. Meeting attendance is not mandatory and we won't sell or give away your personal information. Our primary goal is to keep our members informed about issues relevant to having horses in Jefferson County. Make your voice heard by joining today!

  •  Membership Rates (per year January 1st - December 31st):

        Download the Membership Application PDF form here

    • $10 for Individual

    • $15 for Family

    • $20 for Business/Organization

    • FREE for Equine Related Non-profits

  •  Monthly Meetings:

    • The 1st Monday of every month (except for no meeting in July and the 2nd Monday for any month where the 1st Monday is a holiday).

    • 7:30 PM at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Green Mountain Conference Room.

    • Guests are always welcome.
Please make check payable to JCHC and return with completed membership application to:

Jefferson County Horse Council
PO Box 1177
Golden, CO 80402-1177

To view and print any of these documents, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded here.

History & Purpose of JCHC

In 1967, a group of Jefferson County horse enthusiasts, realizing the danger of losing their riding space and the right to keep their horses at or near their homes, took steps to make their voice heard. They formed the Jefferson County Horsemen's Association, now doing business as the Jefferson County Horse Council (JCHC).

JCHC continues to take steps to ensure this organization's effectiveness by electing an aggressive slate of officers and a large board of directors. The officers and directors need input from all concerned horsemen and women, as well as those servicing the horse industry.

After the Hi Meadow Forest Fire in 2000, members of JCHC recognized the need to have a formalized, comprehensive plan for the evacuation of large animals during man-made and natural emergencies.

Working under the authority of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Section, procedures were established that coordinate numerous professional agencies and volunteer groups in how to transport, house, and care for animals in crisis situations.

These procedures were implemented and further clarified during the explosive forest fire season in the spring and summer of 2002. Since then, they have become one of the most vital services offered by JCHC. These procedures have also been a model for other counties and states across the country.

Aims & Purposes of JCHC

  • To promote the common interests of horse owners and the horse industry in Jefferson County.
  • To present a unified voice for horse organizations, saddle clubs, breeders and the individual horse owner.
  • To inform and protect horse owners from unfavorable zoning regulations and other issues that affect them.
  • To inform horse owners of bills introduced in the State Legislature and involve them in the legislation that affects them.
  • To sponsor educational programs and promote equine research.
  • To assist Federal, State, and County government agencies to establish model ordinances and regulations pertaining to the care and custody of horses within their jurisdiction.
  • To establish and preserve trails and neighborhood arenas.
  • To assist with emergency evacuation support services.


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